Rob Bender Music

Rob Bender’s music blends jazz, rock, blues, r&b, world, and classical styles.  A lifelong interest in musical diversity, along with his experience playing many genres, results in lyrical melodies with intricately layered guitar and percussion.  

Born in the Pacific NW, Rob played drums with Oleta Adams and spent years in the NYC/NJ/Philly music scenes before moving to Los Angeles. His r&b ballad “All I Want” was named one of the UK’s top r&b songs in 2014.Rob has released a number of EP’s including “Walking Wounded,” “RB’s Goodie Garden,” “Mornings In The Goodie Garden,” “Deal With The Moon,” “RadioRB,” (April 2018) and the single, “Red Kite,” featuring Brazilian jazz singer Fabiana Passoni.

He enjoys collaborating with musicians, singers, songwriters, and producers from the Pacific NW, East Coast, Nashville, and Los Angeles.Rob’s music can be streamed or downloaded at most major online outlets. 

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